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Gemini Horoscope for September - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

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Aquarius Culture Without the new moon to give the cosmic okay, many plans will simply fall flat. This is because they are still under the impetus of the last full moon, when cosmic energies are waning. Here's how the new moon will fall each month for Gemini without fail. Note also, that no matter what year we happen to be in, this information is consistent.

In April, the monthly horoscope for Gemini will, no matter which website's horoscope you read, fall in your eleventh house of hopes, wishes, dreams, people, places and events. That's a mouthful, so suffice it to say that the energy is there for you to try to bring one of your fondest wishes to fruition.

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  8. May's new moon can be a tricky one as it falls into the twelfth house of the unconscious. A lot of people use this energy in a rather negative way they tend to sit and stew , but it doesn't have to be that way.

    Weekly Horoscope for Gemini by Deborah Browning:

    Instead, use this unconscious energy to solve any longstanding problems you may have had or to enter therapy, rehabilitation centers and the like. Gemini, this is the new moon that you wait for all year long; the new moon in your first house. Think of this new moon as a gift from the cosmic gods as it allows you to spend the energy in any way you choose.

    When it comes to setting the tone for the month, July's new moon falls squarely in your second house of earned income. It's not unusual to see your salary fluctuate when this new moon comes around. August's new moon is all about communication Gemini, something you tend to do very well with.

    Gemini Sagittarius Tarot

    You can use this time to explore various forms of communication, such as investigating a new cell phone plan, or calling your siblings more frequently to chat. The focus of this month is on hearth and home. Time spent redecorating and tinkering around the house can prove to be quite beneficial now. You should also consider launching a business from your home as it could also prove successful.

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